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My screenplay George Love was the named to the top 5 feature length screenplays in the SENE film, music, art festival screenplay competition. The simple fact of the matter is that I had one of the best experiences of my life.
Thanks to my mentor Eugene Corr and the great support from all the 2013 mentors and attendees!
Kevin Butler

I entered the program knowing that my script had problems but not knowing how to address them. I left the program with a much clearer idea of how to proceed, and more importantly with renewed confidence that I have the tools, and the community help, to succeed not only in this project but in my future career as a writer and filmmaker.
Richard Levien


At the beginning of the week I honestly thought all I would come out with was a stronger screenplay and greater knowledge in the craft of screen-writing. Instead, I came out with more - a clearer vision of my writing and directing career, and the invaluable opportunity to talk to a range of people in the field: those who are starting out just like me and those who are where I would like to be.—Kagure N. Kabue

Over the years I have attended various screen-writing labs and workshops...without question the Squaw Valey Screenwriting Workshop has been the most beneficial to me as a writer. It is focused,intense and amazing.
Caitlin McCarthy


The Screenwriting Program will take a one-year hiatus in 2015. Please join us again in 2016.

The Screenwriting Program is a Master Class for filmmakers and screenwriters. The intensive week-long program focuses on work in progress and individual attention by award-winning writer/directors and filmmakers. Daily private sessions with a previously-assigned mentor will help determine the choices that crystallize the story while excising extraneous elements. Daily morning workshops emphasize all aspects of the craft including narrative point of view, character analysis, and scene structure. In 2014, we introduced a special session on the use and meaning of transmedia in digital filmmaking, as the threshold of the future. Our goal is to assist writers and filmmakers to improve their craft and bring them a better understanding of the new ways to incorporate production and the distribution process. Space is limited to 20 participants.

The Screenwriting Program will take a one-year hiatus in 2015. Please join us again in 2016.

Daily Schedule
Morning workshops stress the language and grammar of film. Topics include: finding the story, character analysis, script development, narrative point of view, plotting, subplots, and dialogue. In-class exercises and group projects are assigned. The afternoons are devoted to individual conferences, which take precedence over all activities. Time permitting, participant scenes can be read by professional actors, taped and critiqued. Special screenings and discussions in the late afternoons and evenings are scheduled.

On arrival, each participant is assigned a mentor who will already be familiar with the script. The submit­ted screenplay is the one to be treated unless changed by a prearranged agreement. Conferences take place during the afternoons. Rewrites and revisions will be assigned.

The Screenwriting Program will arrange your housing. We rent specific houses for our participants to stay in during the week. The houses are in walking distance of the main facilities. When accepted please let us know your preferred choice of room and if you have special needs or requirements. A private room runs $660-675* for the week, a shared room will have two people to a room and is $400.* Prices are for 7 nights.*

*Prices may change slightly without notice. For more details, visit our Logistics page.



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"As a participant in the screenwriter’s workshop in this past summer of 2012, I was truly thrilled by the feedback and support that I received for my script -- Hawk Dreamer. The program was well structured with the quality of presentations, small group discussions, individual time for scene production and feedback all exceptionally helpful. I came away with a wealth of ideas for revising and taking my script to the next level. Jacob Forman, my mentor, is a rare find and amazingly supportive.
This type of experience in which screenwriters and staff were immersed for one week into a creative world with such an intense focus is one of a kind. What makes this workshop/ program so unique is the high calibers of mentors, who have had their work produced, have experience in the film industry and are skilled in revealing screenwriting techniques. Living and breathing within this realm is a life changing experience for any aspiring screenwriter."
—Marlene Shigagawa

"My time at the screenwriting program in Squaw Valley was a rare opportunity to step away from my harried life and focus on my script with the guidance of incredibly talented mentors. I went in with a draft that I knew needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, so I was ready for it. Tom Rickman went above and beyond in his role as my advisor and the sessions with other mentors were invaluable. I highly recommend this program to any screenwriter looking for an intensive workshop with a star-studded lineup of patient and generous teachers."
—Amanda Micheli

"Squaw Valley is the most powerful and effective of any workshop I've attended. My mentor, Camille Thomasson, helped me to see where my story had holes, which characters were extraneous, and how to get back in line with my original intent. The difference is the way Squaw approaches us as individuals. The one-on-one mentoring combined with “community” sessions strikes the right balance and gives writers the direction we need."
—Kari Nevil,Filmmaker

"I found the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop in Screenwriting to be incredibly rewarding, both professionally and creatively speaking. I made numerous valuable contacts in a short amount of time, and was able to receive, through the mentoring system, individualized and focused feedback from a seasoned professional in my field, something you just don’t get at other writing conferences.Coming away from Squaw, I was not only closer to a final draft of my screenplay, but I knew what to do with it afterwards. The close-knit and supportive faculty gave me the confidence and the know-how to get my script into the right hands post-workshop. My first screenplay, “Luna’s Highway” is now in pre-production, and I wholeheartedly attribute this success to my experience at Squaw Valley. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in turning their writing dreams into reality."
—Tamuira Reid