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The Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter is published once a year by the Community of Writers. Filled with news of the publishing and other successes of our past-participants and staff, along with profiles, interviews and articles about writers and writing, and notices of Community of Writers’ events and activities, the Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter acts as a forum for past, current and future members of the Community of Writers.

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2014/2015 Omium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 19)

Featuring alumni and faculty news and notes; profiles of past participants Kevin Simmonds, Linda Rumney, and Eric Sasson; featurettes on Community of Writers events and financial aid offerings; and special thanks to our volunteers, sponsors, and supporters.


2013/2014 Omium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 18)


2012/2013 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 17)

2011/2012 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 16)

2010/2011 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 15)

2009/2010 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 14)

2008/2009 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 13)

2007/2008 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 12)

2006/2007 Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter (Issue 11)


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