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Download our Advertising Rate and Information Sheet and Reserve ad space.

Advertising with the Community of Writers is a wonderful way to support our activities and also spread the word about your book, literary magazine or writing program. We offer advertising space in three places (see below for more information):

• On the pages of our website.
• In our annual publication, the Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter.
In our email announcements of our programs and events and about the release of the Omnium.

Links to your site: In the online version of the Omnium and in our web and email ads, we provide hyperlinks from the ads to the website of your choice.

Design: We will design any ad for you for a fee of $25 per ad, using our pre-designed layouts, if we are supplied with the exact text and image (if desired).

Pricing: (subject to change)

Newsletter Full page (4.75 x 7.65 inches) $275
Newsletter Vertical Half page (2.25 x 7.65 inches) $175
Newsletter Horizontal Half page (4.75 x 3.75 inches) $175
Newsletter Quarter page (2.25 x 3.75 inches) $105
Website Banner Ad (150 x 500 pixels) $325 or $275*
Website Tower Ad (150 x 275 pixels) $225 or $175*
Website Button Ad (150 x 140 pixels) $125 or $75*
Email Banner Ad (750 x 250 pixels) $150

*depends on whether ad appears on home page or other page.

Questions: Contact us for more information.

Website Ads

Web ads remain on the site for six months and link to the URL of your choice. The website received approximately 18,000 unique hits last year from members of the literary community, and this number continues to grow.

Ads are available in three sizes on the pages of the Community of Writers website. Ads appear in the right hand column of the page. Placement is first come, first served.

Ads on the Home page are reserved for institutions, organizations, publications and our community partners. Ads on the workshop pages should be relevant to that genre.

Deadlines for Website Ads: Your ad will remain on our website for six months and can be placed at any time. Reserve ad space. Submit completed ads (or copy and images for ads to be designed by us) at any time.

Newsletter Ads

The Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter is published once a year by the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. Filled with news about our programs and events, as well as notices of recent publications by past-participants and staff, along with lively profiles, interviews and articles about writers and writing, the Omnium Gatherum & Newsletter acts as a forum for the exchange of news between past, current and future members of the Community of Writers, and presents a portrait of the activities of this community.

The Omnium is published as a bound, printed journal, which is also available on our website as a downloadable PDF in an easy-to-print format. The printed Omnium is an elegant 5.5” x 8.5” booklet printed in black-and-white on matte paper with a card-stock cover and saddle-stitched. Ads in the Omnium are black & white and are available in three sizes.

The printed Omnium is mailed to our carefully maintained list of over 3,800 addresses of past participants, staff and friends, including published and unpublished writers, poets, agents, editors and friends of the writing community. The PDF of the Omnium is available year-round on our website.

Deadlines for ads in the Omnium:The next Omnium will be published in fall of 2015, please reserve ad space by October 15, 2015. Submit completed ads (or copy and images for ads to be designed by us) by October 15, 2015.

Email Ads

Our email list, currently at over 6,000 addresses, is a highly concentrated group of book readers and buyers from all over the country made up of past participants, staff and friends of the Community of Writers.

We send several email blasts throughout the year to announce our programs, special events and news and to announce the release of the Omnium in February or March. These are colorful HTML emails with valuable information and links. The announcement of the Omnium features teasers of some of the articles of interest with a link to the online version of the newsletter. Our open rates regularly exceed 30%, above industry averages.

Email blast ads are horizontal banner ads. They run one-time only in one of our email blasts. The ad is big enough for a small image of the book cover, author name and title of book in bold type, and may also contain a brief quote. The ad will hyperlink to the site of your choice.

Deadlines for Email Ads: We send several email blasts throughout the year to announce our programs, events and news. Contact us for dates.