Your donations to our scholarship funds make it possible for talented and diverse writers and poets to attend our Summer Workshops in Squaw Valley, regardless of their ability to pay. Nearly half of our participants require some sort of financial aid in order to attend.

Checks can be made out to The Community of Writers and mailed to PO Box 1416, Nevada City, CA 95959 or click here to donate online.


The Community of Writers welcome scholarship-designated donations of all amounts. Funds are given out as tuition wavers in amounts ranging from $200 to $300. We also give out partial, and full tuition scholarships in a donor's name. $850-900 funds a full scholarship; $300-$750 funds a partial scholarship. As part of your gift, you may also designate an additional amount to cover a week's housing ($260-$415).

"My book project is a memoir about my years of working and traveling for the United Nations/UNICEF as an HIV educator. My hope is that by telling my own story I will be able to continue to educate others about HIV and AIDS as, sadly, the need remains as urgent today as it was in the early nineties when I was diagnosed.

I could never have attended Squaw without help. I hope that, one day, I will be in a position to pay it forward.”

Martina Clark, Writers Workshops 2013, received the Lojo Scholarship.


For much of our history, the Community of Writers has partnered with MFA programs to bring their students to our summer workshops, enabling these students to encounter writers outside of their program and to experience intensive learning in a new environment. We also welcome partnerships with other foundations and organizations that share our philosophy about the importance of community support and camaraderie to improving their craft. If your foundation, organization, or creative writing program is interested in sponsoring writers to attend, please contact us.

“I am a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Naval Reserves who volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. This past June, I had the opportunity to attend the poetry workshops. The whole essence of the community—the other students, the teaching faculty, and the staff, all created an energy that was hard to not tap into.

I would hate to think that this community would be affected by lack of funds.”

Curtis Last, Poetry Workshops 2013, received The Veteran’s Scholarship from the Foundation for Art and Healing


In addition to our General Scholarship fund, we also welcome gifts to special funds we have set up in memory of dear founders and friends. These are not endowed scholarship funds, so we need your gifts year after year in order to be able to provide these scholarships.

The Oakley Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund: Oakley Hall was cofounder of the Community of Writers. He was a novelist and writing teacher and mentor. For many years he was the director of the graduate writing program at UC Irvine. His wife Barbara Hall has established this scholarship in his name. DONATE to the Oakley Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Henry Carlisle Memorial Scholarship Fund: Henry Carlisle had the knack of happiness, and along with it, the deep resources of generosity to spread that happiness, and also make it look easy. He was so gently ironic about his own accomplishments, it was possible to forget – or never learn – how eminent he was: translator of Camus, president of PEN American Center, Knopf editor, champion and translator of Solzhenitsyn, descendant of an old Nantucket whaling family the Coffins, and novelist with six publications. DONATE to The Henry Carlisle Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Blair Fuller Memorial Scholarship Fund: Blair Fuller was cofounder of the Community of Writers. He was a long time editor of The Paris Review and the author of two novels, A Far Place and Zebina's Mountain, as well as Art in the Blood: Seven Generations of American Artists in the Fuller Family. He also taught in Stanford's Creative Writing Program. DONATE to The Blair Fuller Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lucille Clifton Memorial Scholarship Fund: Former participants and staff poets who were a long-time friends of Lucille Clifton and admirers of her work have donated this scholarship for a poet to attend the Poetry Workshop in Squaw Valley who would not be able to attend without financial assistance.  This scholarship is reserved for a first-time participant. DONATE to The Lucille Clifton Memorial Scholarship Fund

The James D. Houston Memorial Scholarship Fund: James D. Houston was a long-time staff member and sat on the Board of Directors for many years. Jeanne is his wife, and the co-author (along with Jim) of the memoir Farewell to Manzanar. DONATE to The James D. Houston Memorial Scholarship Fund.


"Without the Carlisle Family Scholarship, I could not have come. And my week at Squaw was life-changing.

Thank you, thank you to the Community of Writers for their tremendous service to the West Coast’s literary life."

Rachel Howard, Writers Workshops 2013, received the Carlisle Family Scholarship


Proceeds from our annual Poetry Benefit Reading benefit the Poetry Workshop Scholarship Fund. We have an ambitious fundraising goal and are looking for sponsors to help underwrite our expenses so that all proceeds from ticket and book sales can be put toward scholarships to our Poetry Workshop. In return for your generous gift, you would be listed as an event sponsor in all materials related to the event. If you are interested, please contact us.


The Community of Writers is establishing a new Screenwriting Scholarship Fund. Opportunities for filmmakers have changed radically over the 28-year history of the Community of Writers Screenwriting Program. Originally, participants hoped to sell a script to Hollywood. Now, technology enables and requires screenwriters to become filmmakers—overseeing projects from start-to-finish and financing their own project, with little left over for professional development. Your donation to this new fund would enable a talented applicant to take this Screenwriting “master class”—a chance to take their project to a next level. The oportunity to watch their words leap from the page at table readings and screenings can make or break a project at a critical moment in its writing and development. Consider a gift to build the fund today. DONATE to the Screenwriting Scholarship Fund.

"Many of the participants, like me, never could have afforded the program without a scholarship. By continuing to fund scholarships and this program, you are ensuring that no emerging writer will be priced out of a writing education, career development, or networking opportunities.”

Caitlin McCarthy, Screenwriting 2013, received the George Miller Scholarship

Checks can be made out to The Community of Writers and mailed to PO Box 1416, Nevada City, CA 95959. Donate now with PayPal.

For more information, contact Laura Cerruti, Director of Development at (415) 221-6901

The Community is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Donations are fully tax-deductable.
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